Integrated thinking, acting and treating is the basis of our approach to high-quality physical therapy and outpatient rehabilitation.

Inbalance Physiotherapy is committed to helping you maximize your independence, to improve performance and function and to ensure the development of skills that are of value to you in your everyday life.

This is the starting point for our integrated physical therapies. Our physiotherapy concepts are practical, function-based and designed to specificly meet your individual needs.

Curriculum Vitae

1998 - 2001  Vocational education in Physiotherapy,

                    Academy for Physiotherapy, Bremer Heimstiftung

2002             Certification in Physiotherapy

2002 – 2005  Physiotherapist (Orthopedy, Neurology)

                    Clinic Pirawarth - Rehabilitation Centre for

                    Neurology and Orthopaedics

2005 – 2008  Physiotherapist (Neurology/Accident Surgery)  

                    Rehabilitation Center Weißer Hof Klosterneuburg